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Their steady, deliberate and expansive equity work inspires those around them.

Michael Alexander

Interim Vice President of Global Diversity & Inclusion
Portland State University

After he officially retired from his role as CEO of the Urban League of Portland in 2015, Michael was busier than ever serving our city, the region and the interests of many communities of color. In 2016, Michael was appointed by the Governor of Oregon to the Port of Portland Board of Commissioners. He also serves as the Chair of the Black United Fund of Oregon, Vice Chair of the Northwest Health Foundation and Secretary of the Albina Vision Trust.

Michael is a member of the following: KairosPDX Advisory Board, University of Oregon President’s Diversity Advisory Council, Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oregon Community Advisory Board, Wells Fargo Community Advisory Board, Black Male Achievement Steering Committee and the Hill Block Project Working Group which is charged with developing a planned use for the property located on Williams and Russell sts in the historic African American community in NE Portland.

In May of 2018, Portland State University President Rahmat Shoureshi named him as interim vice president for Global Diversity and Inclusion. The office of Global Diversity and Inclusion leads a wide array of initiatives that include education, equity and compliance, advocacy for broader diversity in the student body, faculty and staff.

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Their equity work is newly at the forefront, and their energetic embrace of it is driving new changes in their sector and the community around them. 

Meyer Memorial Trust works with and invests in nonprofits, communities, ideas and efforts that help move toward our vision of a flourishing and equitable Oregon. Beginning in 2016, Meyer applied an equity lens to itself and its grantees’ work and sharpened focus to make more significant impact in areas that Oregonians value most: education, the environment, affordable housing and communities across the state.

As stewards of Fred G. Meyer’s legacy of entrepreneurship and innovation, Meyer aims toward systems-level change, recognizing that funding innovative philanthropic models and advocacy work can produce some of the greatest impact in Oregon. All of its assets — human and financial resources, relationships, political capital and beyond — guide the foundation toward its vision.

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Their equity work has had significant impact across sectors and communities and their commitment has long been embedded in their core purpose. 

Hanif Fazal

Founder of Center for Equity and Inclusion (CEI)

A nationally recognized facilitator, trainer, speaker and organizational development consultant, Hanif Fazal brings 20 years of experience, expertise, and commitment to advancing equity and cultural competency. In 2015 he founded the Center for Equity and Inclusion (CEI), an organization focused on advancing equity, diversity and inclusion efforts both locally and nationally. Under Hanif’s leadership, CEI has worked with leaders and staff in the nonprofit, for-profit, education, foundation and public sectors to integrate equity and inclusion principles and practices into all aspects of their organizations.

Prior to forming CEI, Hanif co-founded Heart of Facilitation, a national facilitation training program for educators, social workers, and youth professionals. Additionally he cofounded the CEI Equity Certificate Program, a collaborative education initiative providing

intensive professional development focused on equity and inclusion to educators across multiple school districts.

A prolific speaker and trainer, Hanif has presented numerous times for conferences and groups locally and nationally. Most recently he has spoken at the Gates Foundation & Philanthropy NW’s regional conference.